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it's your move (yugioh oc rp)

Have you ever wanted to write your own signer legend? Or, perhaps you'd prefer to aid the king of the netherworld in his bid at world domination? Now you can!

it's, (yugioh, wanted, write, signer, legend?, you'd, prefer, king, netherworld, domin

Crimson Scales

The Emperor Protects.

crimson, scales, emperor, protects

The Daemon Movement

Through these halls walk those who have chosen a different path from the world. Together, through their hearts, a movement has begun...

yu-gi-oh, daemon, role, play, anime, yugioh, card, games, tekken, megaman, team, family

Spell Caster Reviews

Tell us your experiences with spell casters. Leave comments and or reviews on that sites that worked well or on ones that didn't work out. I have simple rules. Please don't come in bad mouthing anyone and no spamming. This is to help people, not hurt

your, experience, with, spell, casters., tell, experiences, leave, comments, reviews, that, sites, worked, well, ones, didn't, have, simple, rules, please, don't, come

Zero Duel Academy

Where the professionals duelists begin

zero, duel, academy, duel, academy, zero, academy, yu-gi-oh!, zero, duel, academy

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